Warehouses for rent


Logistics Center "Prilesie" offers for rent modern warehouses of class "A" in the Minsk region. Location of warehouses near the traffic intersection of the second ring of Minsk Ring Road, 8 km from Minsk, allows avoiding traffic jams and comfortably organize transportation of goods around the clock.

There are 6 warehouses and 2 trade and exhibition objects on the territory of the complex.

Logistics Center "Prilesie" has a full range of services of engineering systems of the warehouse facility and surrounding area.

Total warehouse area
111,55 thousand sq. m. with the perspective of building up to 200 thousand sq. m.
Area of separate objects
From 1150 sq.m. to 25 959 sq.m.
Types of warehouses
Heated (dry) warehouse, unheated warehouse, cold storage / low-temperature warehouse, trade show warehouse, customs warehouse
Temperature range
Adjustable, +15...+22°C; 0...+5°C; up to -18°C
Storage systems
Floor; frontal racking with possibility of equipping according to tenant's needs
Total storage capacity
74,140 pallet spaces (800 to 24,000 pallet spaces in the storage modules)
Floor characteristics
Industrial flooring with 6 tons/sq. m., evenly distributed, with 1 tonne per pallet space in the racking system
Unloading zone width
30 m, two lane driveway
Number of docks
16 to 24 depending on the size of the warehouse
Engineering communications
Own gas equipment with technical gas metering at each warehouse; automatic telephone exchange; fiber optic; ventilation system; electricity supply system; own water supply system (2 wells) and waste water disposal
24/7 access control (video monitoring, patrolling); Euro fencing of the whole complex; access control to the territory of the complex and warehouses; alarm and fire extinguishing system
Related services
Office rent; rental of parking spaces

Dry storage warehouses

A dry warehouse is a product storage room equipped with a heating system, additional protection against heat loss, ventilation and humidity control. Rental of heated warehouse gives the opportunity to safely place the goods, flexibly adjusting the microclimate of the internal space to the requirements of storage.  

Rental of dry warehouse is relevant for:

  • Foodstuffs;
  • Groceries;
  • Water and beverages;
  • Pet food;
  • Clothing;
  • Personal protective equipment.

This type of storage is suitable for storing goods that do not require a special temperature regime.

Logistics Center "Prilesie" offers for rent dry warehouses of class "A" with the following characteristics:

  • 77,7 thousand sq. m. of total area;
  • Adjustable temperature conditions;
  • Frontal racking storage system with the possibility of re-equipment according to the tenant's needs (e.g. fine-mesh storage);
  • Dust-free industrial floors;
  • Two-lane asphalt driveways;
  • Controlled 24/7 access to warehouses;
  • Video surveillance and fire suppression system.

Cold storage

Cold storage is a storage space for goods, equipped with thermal insulation and air conditioning system.  

Cold warehouses meet a number of requirements:

  • The temperature inside is lower than the outside ambient temperature;
  • The internal temperature can be adjusted to the storage requirements of the goods located in the warehouse.

Renting a cold warehouse is relevant for goods that do not require special conditions, such as:

  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Foodstuffs.

In the logistics center "Prilesie" in the near future you will be able to rent class "A" cold warehouses with the following characteristics:

  • 13.1 thousand sq. m. of total area, zoning 30/70 in the ratio of low-temperature zone (up to -18 °C) / medium-temperature zone (0 to +5 °C);
  • Industrial floors with anti-dust coating;
  • Controlled 24/7 access to warehouses;
  • Video surveillance and fire suppression system.

Trade and exhibition warehouses

Trade and exhibition warehouses is a room used for product demonstration, exhibitions. It can also be used for storage of certain groups of goods, depending on the presence or absence of heating. Trade-exhibition zone is not heated in the LC "Prilesie".

Rental of unheated warehouse is favorable in terms of cost and is relevant for:

  • Building materials;
  • Auto parts and components;
  • PVC products;
  • Household appliances;
  • Technics and equipment.

Logistics Center "Prilesje" offers retail and exhibition warehouses for rent with the following characteristics:

  • 7.9 thousand sq. m. total area;
  • Water and electricity systems, fire extinguishing;
  • Entrance through a separate checkpoint;
  • The possibility of holding a seasonal exhibition of products.