Temporary storage

Logistics complex "Prilesie" offers class "A" warehouses for rent for storage of goods while waiting for customs procedures.

Temporary storage warehouses are located on the guarded territory in 9 km from Minsk, which allows organizing cargo transportation comfortably without traffic jams and queues.

Prefabricated storage modules of LC "Prilesie" can be re-planned and re-equipped according to the specific technical requirements at the tenant's request.

Storage systems: floor; shelving; fine-mesh.

Engineering communications: gas regulating station, automatic telephone exchange, fiber optics, energy-saving lamps, natural ventilation, centralized sewerage and water supply.

Security: sprinkler fire extinguishing system, alarm system, video surveillance, security area.

Additional information: office rent; rent of parking spaces.

Location: the intersection of transnational and national highways E30/M1 (Moscow - Berlin), E271/M4 (Minsk - Mogilev).

Detailed information about the conditions for renting a temporary storage warehouse can be found on the website of our partners — the T&T company.