F. A. Q.

How is the safety of goods and cargo storage in the logistics center ensured?
The facility is equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance system, alarm, fire extinguishing, access control to warehouses and parking, an open water reservoir, free passage for fire equipment is provided. It has its own gas distribution station and backup power supplies. The territory is surrounded by a European fence.
Is it possible to re-equip the internal warehouse space for the dimensions of the cargo, the technical requirements of the tenant?
Yes, we offer warehouse logistics services, adapt storage systems to product specifications. In addition, we provide a build-to-suit service: we design and build warehouse real estate with the ability to change the equipment split during the project design process.
Is there a rental service for special equipment?
It is possible to additionally rent an MTZ tractor, an Amkodor loader, Toyota warehouse forklifts (gasoline, electric).
Is there 24/7 access to warehouses, parking?
Yes, the logistics complex operates 24/7, there are 4 checkpoints, 2 of which work around the clock.
Are there food outlets, shops, overnight accommodation for drivers on the territory?
Currently, each tenant organization decides on its own the issues of providing meals to its employees. There are currently no accommodations available.
What is included in the rental agreement?
Directly the amount of rent, utility bills. Separately, contracts are concluded for the maintenance of the warehouse, the territory around the warehouse, for the provision of water and reimbursement of gas costs.
Are there any bonuses for tenants?
At the conclusion of the contract, vacations (delays), discounts in tariffs are possible. For example, a reduction in the service contract rate when a client moves from a smaller to a larger leased area.
What is included in the service rate?
The rate includes maintenance of the entire life-supporting system of the complex: heating systems, energy and water supply, sanitation, fire alarms and automatic fire extinguishing, ventilation systems. As well as maintenance of the capital structure and the area around - from the replacement of handles in the premises to snow removal and repair of the roadway. Detailed costing is available when concluding a service contract.